Four car model “eat” guest of Honda “team” price according to price charge stamp

At the same time, stamp fees fee under which also significantly increased under the new decision of the Ministry of finance.


By decision 942/QD-BTC modify, Supplement catalog pricing charge stamp automotive, motorbikes due to the Ministry of Finance issued on 24/5/2017 and the effect on the same day, in addition to 3 samples of imported motorcycles are also 5 car model Assembly production in the country is located in this area will team”.


Notably, in the 5 car model is located in this area are to the 4 model cars are “eating guest of Honda is Air Blade, SH150i, SH Mode and Vision; the remaining sampleis Janus of Yamaha.


Of these, the most impact was the model Honda Air Blade and Honda SH150. As ifbefore 24/5/2017, the value of stamp fees for car model Honda Air Blade just 38 million level, but from the day 24/5/2017 was applied to the new charging rack up 45million, an increase of 7 million.


Similarly, the Honda SH150 ABS brakes are also within an adjustable charge stampfrom 90 million up 114 million, an increase of 24 million. Honda SH150 CBS brake from 82 million up 101 million, an increase of 19 million. Honda SH Mode from 51 million up 63 million, an increase of 12 million. Honda Vision from 29.9 million up 36.6million, an increase of 6.7 million. Yamaha Janus from 26.2 million up 28 million, an increase of 1.8 million.


To the value of this new change fee, consumers buy the car model in this area willhave to spend an additional significant costs. At present, stamp fees are applied forat the rate of 2%, but the two biggest cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is Ho Chi Minh, apply 5%.


Customers in the two cities to buy Honda Air Blade when posted k Italy ownership,right to use to file charges before the directory is 2.25 million fee rate before the new vessel, instead of just 1.4 million level as before 24/5.


In addition, the Air Blade also increased the cost of sea level from two million to four million by framing tax stamp of this model was adjusted to increase from 40 million (38 million) up on 40 million (45 million).


Similarly, stamp fees for car model of the Honda SH150i CBS brake is also increased from 4.1 million up 5.05 million, up from ABS brake version 4.5 million up 5.7 million. Meanwhile, Janus models of Yamaha also suffered during this adjustment, but is located in the lower stamp tax rate should increase stamp fees.


Motorcycle business for that, adjusting the value of the charge before this vessel ofthe Ministry of finance is entirely appropriate in the current context of operational to ensure fairness between producers as well as consumers buy cars of the company.


At the same time, put a price on the value of many model cars, especially with theeat has always been team” reviews from some three million, maybe even time up tens million, but lost again to the State budget.

The couple live an ASSH as students to buy houses in Singapore

However, not many young people here wanted to save lives.


According to the Straits Times, England Thomas Zhuo tutor and sister Jasmine Honey do project management. The couple now have 31 years. They married six years.When age 23, they decided to continue living in the way of students, saving more than half of the money earned. Each week they only spend 30 dollars (about 600,000 us dollars) for eating. Both often cooked lunch available in the House brings to the company. They don’t go to the movies, every year just vacationing a twice quarterly instead of passing as the majority of them.


So in 27 years, the couple has the key of the apartment 5 rooms in Punggol. Now, they have had enough savings to pay off the loan $230,000 that lasted 30 years.


Cap-vochong-song-tan-tienurgent needsb.viendebuySpaino-singapore
Husband and wife he Zhuo and her sister Jasmine Thomas Ongphoto: Strait Times
It‘s easy for us because we have the simple habits,” Zhuo said, we do not like to drink Starbucks or to the bars, clubs.” The main hobby of Zhuo HaagenDazs ice cream boxes are priced at 10 dollars, this dish Zhuo eat at least twice each month.


Zhuo said that every person in today’s society should learn to save more, but he also said that if to spend more $100-200/week but real estate prices rise, you cannotafford to buy apartments whose parents you have purchased 20 years ago.


In Singapore, the Central CPF savings automatically extracted 23% of the monthly salary of a working person to use for homes. This helps the newlywed couple, as she Louisure Tan-Counsellor of the Immigration Office and the husband of 26 years she easily cut other expenses to pay off debts quickly buy more House. Before theyspend $10,000 each year for the holiday but had dropped by half, to save for homerepairs.


However with many young people in Singapore do not plan on getting married or married to foreigners, owning a home seems to be far away dream. Work in the area of personnel, the 26 year old single girl Michelle Ng said that she not longing for home buying. If you are working in the economy that the wage increases with inflation, high home prices, you can’t afford the House unless it has the support of the family and society.


Freelance journalist Kirsten Han age 28 married British also said that her husband just to afford the rent by property prices are too high compared to income. We forget that our parents ‘ generation also squander money on many things. Everyone do that. Whether there is fair when they pamper themselves we also tighten to wait for housing prices to rise .

Terry to depart from Chelsea

Chelsea’s last English Premier League game this season is also the departure of captain Terry. In his 717th appearance for the club, the 36-year-old left the field in the 26th minute, matching his shirt number. This is the time when people have been scheduled before the game.

“I have already agreed with Conte to play only the first 26 minutes of Sunderland and leave the pitch. That’s my idea, “Terry said after the match ended his 22-year career at Stamford Bridge.

John Terry broke up with Chelsea last season, closing 22 years sticking. Photo: Reuters.
“We need to do the best for him on the farewell day, agree to let him enter the game early and be replaced in the 26th minute, corresponding to his shirt number at Chelsea,” coach Antonio Conte said. “He deserves to be treated like that. He is a legend of this club, and one of the best defenders in the world. ”

Meanwhile, coach David Moyes said: “We were informed about that and we agreed to put the ball out on the right in the 26th minute.”

Terry’s decision to leave the field in the 26th minute was a win for some, but was felt by some experts to have a negative effect on the honesty of football. The FA has even asked the relevant betting companies for information on the bets they matched for Terry to be replaced in the 26th minute.

One of the casinos announced they had paid the triple winners. One player revealed to the British media that he had been paid £ 2500 (£ 3200) for a £ 25 bet on Terry leaving the 26th at 100/1.

“I do not often gamble. This is just the second time I put a bet. I just put 10 boards on the Terry rails was replaced at 26 minutes, because I think this will definitely happen, “a player told PA news agency. “I was surprised that the odds for that ability were so high.”

Terry left the field in the 26th minute, matching the number of shirts he has worn in Chelsea for many years. Photo: Reuters.
But some experts have criticized it. Former England squad forward Shearer said: “The 26th-minute substitution was planned in advance with good intentions to honor the player. But I think that anything like that should not happen in matches, because that can affect the integrity of football. ”

Garth Crooks, a former Manchester United and Tottenham striker, commented on the BBC: “It was clearly set. I feel a bit uncomfortable with their work. ” Crooks was also the first black president of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).

The FA regulations on matchmaking are defined as follows: “The football deal is strictly prohibited and strictly punishable. A settlement is an act that precedes the outcome or outcome of a game, or any event in a game or tournament. “

Barca debut new coach

Catalonia team will hold press conference to introduce new coach on May 29 afternoon at the Nou Camp.

Messi and Neymar set sail, Barca won the third consecutive Cup King / coach Enrique want to bid farewell to Barca by Cup King
The press conference took place at 19h local time on May 29 (0h Hanoi time on 30/5). Previously, 27/5, coach Luis Enrique led the final match when helping Barca won the King’s Cup.
The new coach is likely to be Ernesto Valverde, who recently resigned in Bilbao. “My next move will be a tough one,” Valverde said.
Like Enrique, Valverde is a former Barca player. Former 58-year-old striker ever won a King’s Cup, and a C2 Cup under the guidance of Johan Cruyff.
Valverde has led many different clubs.
As coach, Valverde is not a bad record. He brought Espanyol to the UEFA Cup final (the precursor of the Europa League), won three Greek championships with Olympiakos, and won the Spanish Super Cup for Bilbao.
In 2015, Bilbao and Valverde won 5-1 in the Spanish Super Cup with Barca. That was when Enrique Barca won the treble for 2014-2015.

Sports News 29/5

Sports News 29/5
Mkhitaryan receives first-class medal * Ronaldo does not want De Gea to come to Real * Man Utd will ask for Gareth Bale.

The Dutch make history in the Giro d’Italia
At the last leg – 29.3 km from Monza to Duomo Square, Milnao, personal timed race – of cycling race around Italy, Tom Dumoulin only second, with 15 seconds less Dutch compatriot Jos van Emden . But thanks to a 53 second gap compared to Colombian rival Nairo Quintana – the number one competitor on the personal finals table, Dumoulin still holds the Red Jacket for the No. 1 racer.
Dumoulin’s total achievement after the 21 races of the race was 90 hours 34 minutes 54 seconds, more than Quintana 31 seconds. No. 1 Italy’s former champion, former Tour de France champion Vincenzo Nibali, finished third in the qualifying rounds, less than 40 seconds behind Dumoulin.
2017 is the 100th round of the Giro d’Italia – one of the three Grand Tours of the world cycling world alongside the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espna. With a victory at the Piaza Duomo, Dumoulin became the first Dutch winger in history to win the Giro d’Italia.
Free high quality lineup
The season is over, and a number of players will be out of contract this summer. This is an opportunity for other teams to consider, and play the game to choose the right price, to complement the delicious goods. This year’s list has a bunch of names like that.
Atletico outrage Diego Costa by one-third the level the Chinese club suggested to Chelsea
Chelsea’s striker has been touted by the Tianjin Tianjin club since January. But Costa recently said that if he had to leave Chelsea, he just wanted to return to Spain to play for Atletico Madrid.
However, according to Independent (England), despite wanting to reunite the players they promoted to the star, Atletico will spend up to 28 million dollars transfer fee Costa. That is only one-third of the $ 84m that the Tianjin Right is willing to put on the table with Chelsea in exchange for the 27-year-old.
Atletico Madrid also has to await a decision from the Sports Court of Arbitration (CAS) for lifting the transfer ban on them. In the case of advantage, Simeone’s team could balance the budget to buy both Diego Costa and Alexandre Lacazette of Lyon.
If Bale is a substitute in the Champions League final, Man Utd will ask for a buy
According to Mundo Deportivo, Isco is more likely to be used by Zidane in the Champions League final against Juventus. And if this happens, Man Utd will immediately reach the Welsh star, despite their bid to buy Ivan Perisic from Inter. Mundo Deportivo believes that Bale will feel betrayed if he is not kicked out of the night on 3/6 and he may be able to reach out to Perez about his wish to return to England.
Man City are about to buy the second-best goalkeeper in history
By agreeing to medical check-up, Ederson Moraes is set to become the second most expensive goalkeeper in history, as City agree to spend $ 45m on him from Benfica. Moraes is only behind Buffon in terms of transfer value. He will become the second new England striker in 2017, after Bernardo Silva from AS Monaco. In all, Man City cost $ 100 million for these two stars.
Verratti denied Barca, stay at PSG
The Italian midfielder is seen as a key figure in the Barça reform scheme, aiming to boost the creativity of the midfield. But Marco Verratti is not interested in the offer of the Catalan team. “I want to stay in PSG because there are still four years in the contract, I’m happy at a big club and do not think I’m going to leave, I consider PSG a family,” he told the Daily Star.
Barca new season shirt 2017-2018 season
Shortly after the end of the final match of the 2016-2017 season, Barca launched their new season shirt, highlighting the fact that Rakuten sponsor was replaced by Qatar Airways. This shirt retains the same color as the previous season and sold for $ 130. Barca fans are also somewhat relieved to see Messi and Neymar together in the new shirt, despite the future is not clear of two people.
Mkhitaryan was awarded the first-class medal
After winning the Europa League with Man Utd, Mkhitaryan met President Serzh Sargsyan on 28 May and received the “First Class Service Medal,” one of the greatest honor in Armenia, from the head. government. Mkhitaryan is one of the special cases to receive this award for its great contribution to sport. He has been captain of the national team since 2013 and has been selected six times as the best player in Armenia.
Hazard was voted the best Chelsea player of the season
Passing team-mate N’Golo Kante, Eden Hazard received the best player of the season for Chelsea this season. In addition, he also won the best goal of the year, with a unique phase scored against Arsenal earlier this year. The Belgian midfielder returned spectacularly in the 2016-2017 season, scoring 16 goals in 36 games, making big contributions

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel Wedding

According to People, the wedding of Miranda Kerr and a poor billionaire eight years-Evan Spiegel-was held at a private mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles on 27/5 with more than 40 invited guests. Wedding photos are not disclosing.


Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel.

The source of the E! News said the boy Flynn-son of Miranda Kerr with husband Orlando Bloom-funny joke, run jump party girls perform tasks scattered flowers. Six year old boy wear vest three daisies, proved eager in her mother’s wedding. According to the Mirror, Flynn also played the instrument in on the fun.


Flynn even dashing out of the wedding day.

According To E! News, wedding is decorated in rustic style with long tables and benches, table cream, candles high and white roses. Before the wedding, a guest is treat a cocktail and enjoy the music When You wish Upon a Star. An Orchestra performing at the event. The ceremony lasted about 20 minutes.


* Guests invited to the wedding of Miranda Kerr
When dinner is brought up, Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel, good boy to accompany each table thanks guest.


On stage, the singer Jason Mraz performed the song I’m Yours. In addition, the DJ did play other songs like Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder, Can’t Stop the Feeling of Justin Timberlake and Holiday of Madona. The end of the night, Miranda Kerr unexpectedly on stage and sings the song Still the One Shania Twain’s.