The couple live an ASSH as students to buy houses in Singapore

However, not many young people here wanted to save lives.


According to the Straits Times, England Thomas Zhuo tutor and sister Jasmine Honey do project management. The couple now have 31 years. They married six years.When age 23, they decided to continue living in the way of students, saving more than half of the money earned. Each week they only spend 30 dollars (about 600,000 us dollars) for eating. Both often cooked lunch available in the House brings to the company. They don’t go to the movies, every year just vacationing a twice quarterly instead of passing as the majority of them.


So in 27 years, the couple has the key of the apartment 5 rooms in Punggol. Now, they have had enough savings to pay off the loan $230,000 that lasted 30 years.


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Husband and wife he Zhuo and her sister Jasmine Thomas Ongphoto: Strait Times
It‘s easy for us because we have the simple habits,” Zhuo said, we do not like to drink Starbucks or to the bars, clubs.” The main hobby of Zhuo HaagenDazs ice cream boxes are priced at 10 dollars, this dish Zhuo eat at least twice each month.


Zhuo said that every person in today’s society should learn to save more, but he also said that if to spend more $100-200/week but real estate prices rise, you cannotafford to buy apartments whose parents you have purchased 20 years ago.


In Singapore, the Central CPF savings automatically extracted 23% of the monthly salary of a working person to use for homes. This helps the newlywed couple, as she Louisure Tan-Counsellor of the Immigration Office and the husband of 26 years she easily cut other expenses to pay off debts quickly buy more House. Before theyspend $10,000 each year for the holiday but had dropped by half, to save for homerepairs.


However with many young people in Singapore do not plan on getting married or married to foreigners, owning a home seems to be far away dream. Work in the area of personnel, the 26 year old single girl Michelle Ng said that she not longing for home buying. If you are working in the economy that the wage increases with inflation, high home prices, you can’t afford the House unless it has the support of the family and society.


Freelance journalist Kirsten Han age 28 married British also said that her husband just to afford the rent by property prices are too high compared to income. We forget that our parents ‘ generation also squander money on many things. Everyone do that. Whether there is fair when they pamper themselves we also tighten to wait for housing prices to rise .

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