Terry To Depart From Chelsea

Chelsea’s last English Premier League game this season is also the departure of captain Terry. In his 717th appearance for the club, the 36-year-old left the field in the 26th minute, matching his shirt number. This is the time when people have been scheduled before the game.\r\n\r\n\“I have already agreed with Conte to play only the first 26 minutes of Sunderland and leave the pitch. That’s my idea, \“Terry said after the match ended his 22-year career at Stamford Bridge.\r\n\r\nJohn Terry broke up with Chelsea last season, closing 22 years sticking. Photo: Reuters.\r\n\“We need to do the best for him on the farewell day, agree to let him enter the game early and be replaced in the 26th minute, corresponding to his shirt number at Chelsea,\” coach Antonio Conte said. \“He deserves to be treated like that. He is a legend of this club, and one of the best defenders in the world. \”\r\n\r\nMeanwhile, coach David Moyes said: \“We were informed about that and we agreed to put the ball out on the right in the 26th minute.\”\r\n\r\nTerry’s decision to leave the field in the 26th minute was a win for some, but was felt by some experts to have a negative effect on the honesty of football. The FA has even asked the relevant betting companies for information on the bets they matched for Terry to be replaced in the 26th minute.\r\n\r\nOne of the casinos announced they had paid the triple winners. One player revealed to the British media that he had been paid £ 2500 (£ 3200) for a £ 25 bet on Terry leaving the 26th at 1001.\r\n\r\n\“I do not often gamble. This is just the second time I put a bet. I just put 10 boards on the Terry rails was replaced at 26 minutes, because I think this will definitely happen, \“a player told PA news agency. \“I was surprised that the odds for that ability were so high.\”\r\n\r\nTerry left the field in the 26th minute, matching the number of shirts he has worn in Chelsea for many years. Photo: Reuters.\r\nBut some experts have criticized it. Former England squad forward Shearer said: \“The 26th-minute substitution was planned in advance with good intentions to honor the player. But I think that anything like that should not happen in matches, because that can affect the integrity of football. \”\r\n\r\nGarth Crooks, a former Manchester United and Tottenham striker, commented on the BBC: \“It was clearly set. I feel a bit uncomfortable with their work. \” Crooks was also the first black president of the Professional Footballers’ Association (PFA).\r\n\r\nThe FA regulations on matchmaking are defined as follows: \“The football deal is strictly prohibited and strictly punishable. A settlement is an act that precedes the outcome or outcome of a game, or any event in a game or tournament. \”