Four car model “eat” guest of Honda “team” price according to price charge stamp

At the same time, stamp fees fee under which also significantly increased under the new decision of the Ministry of finance.


By decision 942/QD-BTC modify, Supplement catalog pricing charge stamp automotive, motorbikes due to the Ministry of Finance issued on 24/5/2017 and the effect on the same day, in addition to 3 samples of imported motorcycles are also 5 car model Assembly production in the country is located in this area will team”.


Notably, in the 5 car model is located in this area are to the 4 model cars are “eating guest of Honda is Air Blade, SH150i, SH Mode and Vision; the remaining sampleis Janus of Yamaha.


Of these, the most impact was the model Honda Air Blade and Honda SH150. As ifbefore 24/5/2017, the value of stamp fees for car model Honda Air Blade just 38 million level, but from the day 24/5/2017 was applied to the new charging rack up 45million, an increase of 7 million.


Similarly, the Honda SH150 ABS brakes are also within an adjustable charge stampfrom 90 million up 114 million, an increase of 24 million. Honda SH150 CBS brake from 82 million up 101 million, an increase of 19 million. Honda SH Mode from 51 million up 63 million, an increase of 12 million. Honda Vision from 29.9 million up 36.6million, an increase of 6.7 million. Yamaha Janus from 26.2 million up 28 million, an increase of 1.8 million.


To the value of this new change fee, consumers buy the car model in this area willhave to spend an additional significant costs. At present, stamp fees are applied forat the rate of 2%, but the two biggest cities of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City is Ho Chi Minh, apply 5%.


Customers in the two cities to buy Honda Air Blade when posted k Italy ownership,right to use to file charges before the directory is 2.25 million fee rate before the new vessel, instead of just 1.4 million level as before 24/5.


In addition, the Air Blade also increased the cost of sea level from two million to four million by framing tax stamp of this model was adjusted to increase from 40 million (38 million) up on 40 million (45 million).


Similarly, stamp fees for car model of the Honda SH150i CBS brake is also increased from 4.1 million up 5.05 million, up from ABS brake version 4.5 million up 5.7 million. Meanwhile, Janus models of Yamaha also suffered during this adjustment, but is located in the lower stamp tax rate should increase stamp fees.


Motorcycle business for that, adjusting the value of the charge before this vessel ofthe Ministry of finance is entirely appropriate in the current context of operational to ensure fairness between producers as well as consumers buy cars of the company.


At the same time, put a price on the value of many model cars, especially with theeat has always been team” reviews from some three million, maybe even time up tens million, but lost again to the State budget.

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