Barca debut new coach

Catalonia team will hold press conference to introduce new coach on May 29 afternoon at the Nou Camp.

Messi and Neymar set sail, Barca won the third consecutive Cup King / coach Enrique want to bid farewell to Barca by Cup King
The press conference took place at 19h local time on May 29 (0h Hanoi time on 30/5). Previously, 27/5, coach Luis Enrique led the final match when helping Barca won the King’s Cup.
The new coach is likely to be Ernesto Valverde, who recently resigned in Bilbao. “My next move will be a tough one,” Valverde said.
Like Enrique, Valverde is a former Barca player. Former 58-year-old striker ever won a King’s Cup, and a C2 Cup under the guidance of Johan Cruyff.
Valverde has led many different clubs.
As coach, Valverde is not a bad record. He brought Espanyol to the UEFA Cup final (the precursor of the Europa League), won three Greek championships with Olympiakos, and won the Spanish Super Cup for Bilbao.
In 2015, Bilbao and Valverde won 5-1 in the Spanish Super Cup with Barca. That was when Enrique Barca won the treble for 2014-2015.

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